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approaching baltimore. most of the activity has been south of us and to the west of us, but again we have a chance for some active weather this evening because it has been so hot and muggy. now tonight expecting partly cloudy conditions, still muggy with some isolated thunderstorms, some strong or severe, temperatures falling to the 70s. we'll talk more about the heat and bigger storms a little bit later. back to you. >>> life just is not getting easier for people who still don't have electricity. six days without power is really taking its toll. peggy fox is live in arlington now with more. peg? >> reporter: well, i tell you what, this neighborhood is lucky they just got their power back on. power crews from ontario left about 45 minutes ago and everybody around here had a big smile. let me tell you it's been a rough six days. a cluster of homes here on kenmore street in clarendon have had to do without. they've been using coolers and ice to keep a small amount of food cold. they've been shutting cartons during the day and opening windows at night. this woman was prepared with her batte
of us. these are not severe. thunderstorm just south of fredericksburg, that is heading due east, and storms that do come through had the potential to be strong to severe. the damaging wind gusts are our main concern. we see showers. around the district, we can get rain, bring the umbrella if you have plans to go out to dinner. we see quite a bit of lightning, especially south. tonight, partly cloudy and humid with showers and storms. some could be strong to severe. lows 69 to 76 degrees. when i come back, we'll talk about the chance of storms tomorrow and i have your weekend forecast. back to you. >> we'll see you then. the olympics start tonight and one big question, will d.c.'s top swim coach be there? there is new fallout from allegations that rick curl had sects sex with one of his young players and paid her to keep quiet. >> sources tell us that local law enforcement is following up on these allegations. even though the alleged abuse dates back so long ago. >> we followed up what we deem historic or cold cases in the past with successful results. >> still no answer at
using capitol south station as an alternative. it's about a 10 or 15 minute walk, but in this heat that is no joke either. we've got a crew on the way to the scene and will have more information as it becomes available. >>>. >>> that blistering heat is our other top story. it's here and there's more to come over the weekend. anny hong is here talking about dangerous temperatures. >> it will be worse tomorrow before things get better. in fact, temperatures will get well past the triple digit mark and i think it's going to be really tough tomorrow. so hopefully people can take it easy and just maybe go to the pool or whatever. let's take a look at our -- we have a severe weather alert day issued for tomorrow and sunday. here's why. we have got an excessive heat warning in effect for tomorrow, all day saturday until 10 p.m. the heat index for today, yeah, check out these numbers, a lot of us in the upper 90s to 100. when you factor in the high humidity. this is a historic heatwave. this is our ninth straight day of at least getting to 95 degrees or higher. the first time in 141 years
's just the wind, the gush of it, it was like a big vacuum that was holding us back, but we managed to get all in. >> they were just yelling everybody get in the dance room and that's when we all ran in there. >> reporter: all the children made it to the safety of the dance room, but two parents were badly injured. one mom was thrown by the winds and a dad was severely injured by falling cinderblocks. the dance room stood protecting everyone who made it inside. next-door the studio's roof blasted into the home of the bettis', a couple in their 80s. >> it was horrible because everybody was down the road and nobody was focused on this house 'nobody thought anybody was in it. >> reporter: the bettiss were fine, though pretty shaken after a terrifying experience. >> the house raised up, dropped and we fell in the floor and then the ceiling started falling in. >> all i know is they got out and that's the most important thing. i know. he's got guardian angels, but you take care, john, and you come over any time. okay. god love you. bye. >> reporter: now these are dozens of trophies that the c
. last week, u.s. district judge, a u.s. district judge lifted a stay, which says part of the law was unconstitutional. maryland wants that in place until its appeal is heard. the original ruling found the state's requirement to show a good and substantial reason violates the second amendment. >>> four women have been hit by stray bullets in the popular u street corridor in just over a week's time. all those victims received minor injuries, there are some suspects, but not all in custody. calling for more cops and private businesses to her paps foot the bill. >> early saturday morning, two women suffered nonlife threatening injuries when they were shot near 12th and u. innocent victims hit by someone's stray bullets. >> you have to be concerned not only for the welfare of the people it happened to, but for the reputation of u street. >> a week ago saturday at 11th and u, two groups of men were arguing, gun shots erupted and two more women were hit, both of them in the legs. they will recover, say police. three men were arrested after a gun was thrown from a car. >> we require
? >> the presumption of innocence is something we use in the criminal law. we make something prove the case against you in court in a criminal case. we aren't talking about the criminal law here. we're talking about the political reality that the mayor has become unable, i think, to leave the district. and so in my statement asking for him to resign, i said it would be an act of public service on his part now to step aside. we need to go forward. >> do you know something that we don't? >> no. >> about the mayor's behavior or what he may have done or may not have done? >> all day long, i have been trying to play out in my mind, what could possibly explain this? there's no explanation that is satisfactory. and just, you know, the sapping of the confidence of the people in the district and their government is so severe that we need to take a dramatic step to clear the dex. >> there are city council people calling for the mayor to resign. has he lost the entire council? >> i can't speak for the other members. >> what is your sense? >> you know, we had a long session yesterday and i left home. i hav
that you expect to be back open. >>> and the military drones are being used overseas, but a lot of police and the other government agencies used it right here at home. now, the virginia state lawmakers, they plan to introduce the bill, aimed at protecting your rights to the privacies. the republican delegate, they said that under his bill, police would need a warrant before using the drones and they would have to destroy any images here, acquired by drones, unless they are a part of the authorized investigations. in other news, jeans dunning was found dead in his home this morning in south carolina. he's a former sheriff of alexandria. his wife, nancy, was killed more than eight years ago. her death remains an open homicide investigation. the authorities in south carolina, they say that james dunning appears to have died in their sleep and the death was not seen suspicious. >>> the fbi and the state police, they are both joining in on the investigation into the virginia reporter's suspicious death. anded to, the focus of that investigation turned to prince william county. >> reporter: i'm
on the communications question. andrea. >> derek, you know, after friday night's storm, so many of us down loaded pepco's app to find out when power would be restored. but residents say in many cases, the app as well as pepco's robo calls provided incorrect information. >> this is ridiculous. >> laura hills was told on saturday she was on a priority list, because of recent back surgery. her neighborhood is still without power. >> you hear different things. it's going to be the end of the week, it's going to be sunday. you know, it's real frustrating. especially when the heat is like this and you have little kids. >> hills thought priority would be given to dangerous situations like this. reported daily to pepco. a spruce tree dangling precariously from a power line right next to a transformer. >> i see this tree hanging off the wire and my children come back and forth here and pepco knows it's there and they aren't doing anything about it. >> some resorted to posting signs for pepco workers. >> communication is power and they aren't communicating properly to their public. we need to be dealt with
into this kidnapping. scott. >> reporter: this is just a bizarre case. police told us this afternoon there was no ransom demanded in this case and a close friend and neighbor who was here with cal ripken, the family, when they were reunited with their mother today said they got the impression from mrs. ripken that she thought this attacker had no idea who she was. >> she was shook up. >> gus, himself shaken up by what happened to his close friend, the widow next door, vi ripken. >> he was lighting cigarettes if she would want them, they were just talking in general. >> he demand money or threaten her? >> i don't think he threatened her. he said he was very nice, actually. of course ted bundy was nice, too. >> we don't know what, if any relationship there was between the perpetrator of this crime and ripken family. we know of no ransom. >> aberdeen, maryland, police said ripken was surprised at gunpoint. he forced her into a car and police said he drove apparently randomly throughout central maryland. her wrists were duct taped and she sat in the back for hours according to her
make it to the bumps when people use less energy and charge less for delivering that energy to your home. we conserved a lot after that storm. we have spoken to regulators and the utilities and read the order. virginia and the district don't allow it. even in maryland, they had a hearing six months ago and whether this was manipulating the system. instead of eliminating it, they cut it back to the first 24 hours that they are billing you that they can bill you now. this is the official maryland public service commission order that put the charge into law in january. and take a look at this wording. right there on the original intent of this payback, it was to encourage ewe utilities. spoke against utilities using the order, supporting energy conservation, reimburse utilities where no energy is going through your meter. >> it adds insult to injury to say to a customer, just keep in mind, you lost power for six or seven days. you have thrown out all the food in your refrigerator and being told you are boing to pay extra because you weren't buying electricity, because they weren't de
consume us in our daily lives. ultimately it's how we choose to treat one another and how we love one another. >> president obama has issued a proclamation honoring the victims in today's shooting. he's calling for all flags to be flown half staff until sunset next wednesday. >>> our colleagues at our sister station in denver have been quite busy with this story all day. we are joined live now from aurora phone center with more. are you there? >> reporter: i can hear you guys. >> we understand the suspect james holmes stood in line to see the dark knight rises like everybody else and he got up at one point before police say he was the one who carried out this horrific attack. have you talked to anybody who saw anything that might have raised a red flag? >> reporter: no. i haven't talked to anybody who said there might have been a red flag or anybody that knew mr. holmes. what i can tell you is we just spoke with a person who was sitting in the second row of theater 9 when this shooting took place. they said it was about 20 minutes into the movie. all of a sudden that exit door opens
to be used for a drum band exercise and $7,697 on a commissioner's reception which included a violinist and guitarist. is many. >> it's still a plate ant abuse of taxpayer dollars and it's going to stop. >> he and congressman john mica released details of the conference today. they'll hold a hearing in two weeks about this latest spending. in a statement the gsa's new acting administrator said under the new leadership this event and type of spending is not tolerated. as of april 15th this year all spending for events including training, conferences, leadership events, team building exercise, award ceremonies were suspended. also suspended, you'll remember just yesterday tangherlini announced they're cutting a half my ondollar bonus program to senior officials -- million dollar bonus program to senior officials after a 9 wants to know investigation found open records with $60,000 of bonuses including bonuses to thing oners of that las vegas conference -- organizers of that las vegas conference. >> the details of that waste are incredible, russ. thank you. >>> mayor gray speaking out afte
trying to figure this out. let's show you video. here's what police are telling us. a relative walked into the apartment and they found the dead couple inside. they called police shortly before 3:00 p.m. that couple right now only being described as being hispanic and they were involved in some kind of a romantic relationship. police aren't saying if they were married or what the situation was, except to say they were involved in a romantic relationship. right now they are still a lot of details coming out of this investigation. still very fresh and very new to police. police right now tell us they are trying to get to the bottom of all of this. >> detectives are on scene. they are making contact with family members, trying to see where these individuals were prior to this incident occurring. just trying to figure out again, motives, why they were at the time. >> back out live, another look at the crime scene where police are saying right now at this moment, it looks like it's a murder suicide investigation that they have on their hands. police saying this is a very quiet neighborho
with reenforced concrete segments. >> instead of using traditional cranes, which would have meant stopping traffic all the time. they have used horizontal cranes called launching gantries and walk themselves along the track. this particular one walked more than a mile to lay the track bed into place and now has layed the final piece. applause went up when that final piece was flush with the rest of the guideway. >> whether people appreciate the area, i'll leave that to the individual. for us, it's a beautiful thing. >> and now that the guideway is completed, the workers can start focusing on completing, laying the tracks down. final completion date sometime at the end of next year. i'm peggy fox reporting live. >> we have more good news for you on the transportation front. the reconstruction project is all done. d.c. dignitaries got together to mark the accomplishments. they had a ceremony along that stretch of road in northeast d.c. that project was aimed at improving the flow of traffic along bening and making it look nice, too. >>> the ntsb is investigating yesterday's plane crash in
, not the legislature. that this charge is not profit, but used for services and new equipment, infrastructure in the system. pepco on this particular issue would not comment saying they haven't seen the proposal, but the big news of the past hour, pepco now for the first time reviewing the possible undergrounding of all the overhead wires. >> it's interesting because of all the conversation about how expensive the conversation would be. >> bruce johnson had the president on the set saying why aren't you doing this? and at that point, it seemed they weren't going to consider it. now there's an official review. >> we'll see what happens. thanks so much. back into the studio. >> campaign is getting heated. president obama is linking his rival tax plan to sending america's jobs overseas as danielle nottingham reports, he layed out his plans while his rival defended his business record. >> president obama brought his campaign to ohio for the second time in less than two weeks. >> hello cincinnati. >> at a town hall meeting in cincinnati, he tried out a new line of attack against his republic
. several viewers e-mailed us pictures of the crash. the fire department tells us four people have minor injuries, one person's injuries, though, life threatening. both lanes of the westbound access road are completely closed, as are two lanes of the westbound toll road. we have a news crew on the scene and will bring a live report as soon as they arrive. >>> today's accident comes nearly a year after a deadly accident involving another supershuttle van along the same stretch of roadway. in that case a 31-year-old man from nepal was killed. the 59-year-old driver was charged with reckless driving. a 9news investigation revealed long hours for supershuttle drivers and a record of speed and reckless driving for that particular driver. >>> an update on the computer glitch that caused major delays this past weekend on metro. today the transit agency announced a failed module in an information management network device is to blame. we asked our i.t. team in the building. they say that's basically like having a bad network card. metro says replacing that module fixed the problem. derek? >>> we
struggle stories and joins us now live at old georgetown road. >> reporter: just like scott has seen, you drive across the area and we are still seeing a lot of massive trees like this one bringing power lines down with them and in neighbors where utility trucks arrive to the very first time -- for the very first time today they were sure a welcome sight. five days after the storm utility trucks and tree trimming crews descended on the wingate neighborhood of bess da where residents' patience had run -- bethesda where residents' patience had run thin. >> it was very frustrating to me they would leave a situation potentially life endangering. >> reporter: the developmentally challenged teen was flung to the ground on his back. >> i was just so glad he wasn't hitting it at a higher rate, because i'm afraid he would have been decapitated and that was what i told pepco on the phone was, this kind of wire over a side walk could easily lead to someone suffering something much worse. >> but still fivo's neck is terribly scarred, bike brake detached and a pedal broken. >> very frustrated with th
as what was used in aurora. he told officers he had just seen the dark knight rises and was on his way to shoot and kill his former boss. >>> exactly how much ammo is 6,000 rounds? it's not as much as you might think. get some perspective on the colorado shooter's arsenal from peggy fox on and then join the conversation about gun control on our wusa9 facebook page. >>> joe paterno's family says today's ncaa sanctions against the penn state to defame the hall of fame coach's legacy and are a panicked response to the sex abuse scandal. this morning the athletic governing body hit the university with a $60 million fine, banned the football team from proceeds in play for the next four years and capped scholarships at 20% below the normal limit. it stripped the school of all 112 of its wins between 1998 and 2011. >> there is incredible interest in what will happen to penn state football. the fundamental story of this horrific chapter should focus on the innocent children and the powerful people who let them down. >> students currently on penn state's football team will be give
. now going until 1:00. you're watching the radar way out to the north of us. right now we're not talking about storms for the next few minutes. but lathe on tonight, i think that -- but later on tonight, we'll see the big storms. and we'll show you this again. the entire d.c. metro area again is under the severe thunderstorm watch until 1:00, basically early friday morning. and now if i take a look at the heat alert, also up until 8:00 this evening. okay, we'll go to doppler radar and show you watches and warnings, up to the north of us. still in pennsylvania. adding up until 11:00, bedford until 6:30. franklin and somerset county until 6:30. we'll see the storms coming. they will be here in the next few hours. look at the line of storms. really hammering up pennsylvania, new york, you can see we're on the southern end of these storms, a lot of lightning. look what's happening out here. this up here could be coming their way over the next couple of hours, out late tonight. we're talking about damaging winds potentially and these storms are well organized with the atmospher
on the weather terrace to tell us more. >> let's talk about the numbers for today. we hit the mid 90s. no records. this isn't like record setting heat, but it's hot. 95 and 79. when 79 is the low, that's uncomfortable. averages are 88 and 70. 101 set in 1898. we haven't had time to talk about this, but we are almost 7 inches below for the annual rain fall average and looking at potential fire danger. keep that in mind. keep a hose ready. 92 downtown. 90 in manassas. 90 at andrews. you factor in the humidity, the temperatures stay the same. not humid right now. we'll talk about the pow tennessee issue for storms tomorrow and also a better chance of storms on the fourth. >>> coming up tonight at 7:00, we'll have much more on the recovery efforts from the friday storm, plus the latest on the attempt to contain a wild fire that is still burning less than 100 miles from here. >> all right, we'll see you in just a bit. still to come, a lot of us have lost more than power or trees this weekend. you'll see how some people are surviving with some of the basic things that we may take for grant
for commuters who use nebraska avenue. the d.c. department of transportation enters the next phase of its reconstruction project. so what that means is that jersey barriers along military road will be shifted to create a new traffic pattern. look out for that. >>> would you pay a penny more in sales tax to make your commute easier? that's the question for atlanta voters waiting in traffic like this tonight. no fun. they are voting on the gridlock tax to fund some transportation projects. supporters say the money will add jobs, ease congestion, and improve the overall quality of life. but critics say the plan doesn't really address smart group. >> two highways will always be special for one new york family. that's because their twin sons were each born on one of them over the weekend. the anderson's were on their way to the hospital sunday when she told her husband it was time to pull over. >> probably the first time i listened to my wife. and thank god. >> you pulled over? >> i pulled over. >> so she gave birth to that first baby on the southern state parkway right after an ambulance
the conversation by letting us know what you think of the idea on facebook. >> from our computers to tablets to our smart phones, we are all pretty plugged in these days. it was the topic of conversation on one of the cable news channels. they were talking about the cover story and the dangers of being too plugged in when this happened. >> we have to come up with a discussion. have a discussion. i don't know what the answer is. does the ease of work made so much easier by all of these instruments. does it mean you don't know how to work? you just don't know how to work? you don't know how to knock on the door and talk to someone. >> that was mike's cell phone going off in the middle of the segment. illustrating the point of the conversation. >>> well, you may not be able to judge a book by its cover, but how about a person by their shoes? according to a study set to appear in next month's journal of research and personality, you can do a decent job of judging a person's age, sex, and income, by just looking at their shoes. for example, people who wear ankle boots tend to have more aggressi
Search Results 0 to 21 of about 22